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Set up Single sign-on (SSO) for SimplyPrint

SimplyPrint offers custom single sign-on (SSO) solutions for enterprise customers ("Print Farm" plan and up).
In this article, we'll cover who qualifies for an SSO setup and how you can get one.

Who can get SSO?

Single sign-on is included in our enterprise plans, which includes the "Print Farm" plan and up.
If you have a custom SSO (not Google Suite, Microsoft SSO etc.), or if the SSO you're using is not already supported in SimplyPrint, getting support for your SSO may come at a one-time extra charge for the development.

If you're on a yearly subscription for the SimplyPrint "School" plan, the integration of an SSO is free of charge.

How to enable SSO

To enable SSO support for your account, you must reach out to SimplyPrint and request for SSO to be enabled for your account.

Updated on: 03/04/2023

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