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Set up Single sign-on (SSO) for SimplyPrint

SimplyPrint offers custom single sign-on (SSO) solutions for enterprise customers ("Print Farm" plan and up).

Who can get SSO?

Single sign-on is included in our enterprise plans, which includes the "Print Farm" plan and up.

SimplyPrint supports self-setup of the SAML SSO protocol, which enables you to use a custom SAML SSO provider, or any of the big players, such as Auth0, Google Workspace etc.

How to enable SSO

To enable SSO support for your account, simply go to the Settings page > Organization > User registration (, enable the "SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)" option, and then click "Edit SAML configuration".

This will bring up a settings form, where you can enter all the required values to set up SAML SSO.

If you're unfamiliar with setting up SAML SSO, your IT department, or whoever is in charge of SSO in your organization, may need to step in.

Contact the SimplyPrint support team if you have any questions!

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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