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The Filament Manager feature

In this article, you'll learn all about the Filament Management feature in SimplyPrint!

TLDR; you can create each individual spool, which will then have its own unique identity; we track the spool usage, and can alert you when there's not enough filament on the spool to start your next print - like a virtual filament sensor! Each spool also carries information used by the printer; temperatures, slicer settings, density & more.

What is it?

The SimplyPrint Filament Manager allows you to easily keep track of all your different filament spools, and assign a specific spool to a specific printer, when it's in use!
This allows us to track the usage and alert you before you start a print, if the current spool won't be able to finish!

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Filament manager screenshot

Why should I use it?

Our filament manager is all about information; knowing the details of the material currently attached to your printer, allows us to make your experience a whole lot smoother!

With a spool assigned to your printer, we'll know;
The heating details (nozzle & bed temperature)
How much material is left on your spool
Slicing details (print speed, etc.)
Material cost; allowing us to accurately, on a case-per-case basis, calculate the cost of a print
If the filament is old, and warn you that it might cause bad prints due to the effect of humidity (we've all been there; blaming the poor printer, only to realize you were using 2-year-old filament!)

I change filament a lot; do I have to assign individual spools each time?

No! You can also define static material details for each printer (+ files and queue items), using the "Tags" feature! Read more here; All about the "Tags" feature

Updated on: 27/04/2023

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