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Why does cancelling my print take so long?

So, you're wondering why it sometimes takes a while before your print is actually cancelled after trying to stop it? You're not the only one!

When and why?

If your printer is currently executing a command, that must finish before performing the next, your printer becomes completely unresponsive until it's done.
This is especially noticeable when you heat up your printer - until it has reached its target temperature, which we all know can take a bit of time sometimes, the printer isn't accepting any new commands, meaning it hasn't yet received SimplyPrint's request to cancel the print.

Can it be fixed?

Short and annoying answer; no - not right now at least. This is a Marlin (and Klipper) firmware-related "issue". We hope that this is improved in the future, but right now it means you'll have to wait a bit if stopping your print right after having started it.

Updated on: 09/05/2022

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