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Bambu Lab Client performance and recommended setup

The Bambu Lab Integration runs locally on the device you've used to set it up (See the Bambu Lab setup guide).

We support a wide variety of devices including most common personal use ones, like macOS, Windows and Linux computers, Raspberry Pi's of all kinds and any x86-64 or ARM based device running the aforementioned operating systems. Generally the device needs to be turned on at all times to function, on macbooks that means disabling the "sleep" mode if you'd like it to be running.

We also recommend using the device with the most available power if you want to centralize your printers on a single one, otherwise using many less powerful devices to run handfulls each is also supported.

Certain devices like the Raspberry Pi 3 experience performance issues when running with too many clients at once, especially when streaming their webcam feeds. Based on certain hardware parameters like your cpu core count, the cpu architecture and your available memory we try to come up with a number of recommended clients that will ensure that the integration functions optimally.

For those reasons we also alert you inside the client when certain criteria are met, such as when more printers are added than the recommended count, or when your device is under high load. This warning can be dismissed for some time, and if everything is functioning to your liking then no futher action is required. But if you are experiencing performance issues here are some of our suggetions.

"Too many printers" warning

When you get this warning and are experincing suboptimal performance when interacting with the printers via SimplyPrint, while printing or streaming the webcam feed, or using the same device to perform other work, then you might want to consider to not host all your printers on the same client device.

Instead you can use another device to handle a subsection of the existing printers to lessen its load.

"High cpu/memory usage" warning

When the device running the client is using a lot of ressources it might be due to some other application running at the same time, which in some cases can just be ignored. When it is the client alone that is responsible for the increase in load you might want to consider a similar approach to the previous warning, and use another device to host some of your printers on. It might also only spike when using the webcam feed, which depending on your usage of the feature might be managable.

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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