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The OrcaSlicer SimplyPrint integration - how to set up and use

As of Mar. 30, 2024, the SimplyPrint OrcaSlicer integration is in the latest-available OrcaSlicer version: "OrcaSlicer V2.0.0".
For the best result, and to get the latest version of the SimplyPrint integration in OrcaSlicer, make sure you're on version V2.1.1 or higher.

What is the OrcaSlicer SimplyPrint integration?

The SimplyPrint integration in OrcaSlicer, lets you send your sliced files directly to SimplyPrint, for printing, queuing or saving, with just a few clicks!
And the great thing is; it's built in to OrcaSlicer, so you don't have to install anything!


Send sliced files directly from OrcaSlicer to SimplyPrint;
Choose whether to start a print on one or multiple 3D printers-
Or queue the print-
Or save the file to your SimplyPrint cloud storage.

When set up, the "Device" tab in OrcaSlicer will show the SimplyPrint web panel, just as it does in your browser, providing you a quick way to interact with SimplyPrint without leaving your slicer!

How to set up SimplyPrint support in OrcaSlicer

Firstly, make sure you're on the at least V2.0.0 of OrcaSlicer (preferably V2.1.1+, though) from March 30., 2024, as SimplyPrint first became a part of OrcaSlicer in this update.

Enabling the SimplyPrint Print Host

This has to be done for each printer profile you have
Do you have a Bambu Lab printer? You need to do one quick thing before you can set this up - scroll down to the Bambu Lab section below VV

Click the little Wi-Fi icon next to the printer profile select
Don't see the WiFi icon? You most likely have a Bambu Lab printer selected; scroll down to the[ "For Bambu Lab printers" section ](#2-for-bambu-lab-printers) to enable support for Bambu Lab printers.

Select SimplyPrint as the "Host Type"

Click "Login/Test"

This will bring up a website in your default browser, where you must log in to your SimplyPrint account if you aren't already, and authorize the Orca application to use your SimplyPrint account. Authorize the application and close the window. OrcaSlicer should now show a popup saying that SimplyPrint has been linked!

Make sure to save your profile to avoid having to re-do the setup

And that's it! You can now send your files from OrcaSlicer directly to SimplyPrint! We'll show you exactly how in this next step;

For Bambu Lab printers

Bambu Lab printers need a setting enabled to acces third-party Host Types. This must be done before proceeding:

Next to the printer profile selector, click the "Edit" button

Enable the "Advanced" settings

Enable "Use 3rd-party print host"

Save the profile changes

Now you can proceed to the previous step, to set up the SimplyPrint Print Host!

Using the SimplyPrint integration in OrcaSlicer

Make sure you're on an OrcaSlicer whose version is at least V2.0.0

Sending sliced files to SimplyPrint

When you have sliced a file in OrcaSlicer with a printer profile with the SimplyPrint Print Host enabled, you'll now see the "Print" option in the top right corner, rather than just "Export". Choose the Print option;

Click "Print", choose a filename if you'd like, and click "Upload"

This will open up a browser tab with SimplyPrint, where you can now choose what to do with the file!

Viewing your printer(s) in the "Device" tab

Once set up, you can view the SimplyPrint panel via the "Device" tab, for printers where the SimplyPrint Print Host is enabled


1. Failed to upload file to SimplyPrint on click of "Print" on sliced file;

If your file fails to be uploaded to SimplyPrint, and you get an error popup like this one;

Then SimplyPrint was not, or is no longer, linked with your slicer.

To fix this;

Scroll back up ^ to the setup part, and re-do the setup. You may need to "Log Out" via the Print Host upload settings first;

Before clicking "Login/Test", and setting up the integration again.

If you still have issues, please don't hesitate to contact us - SimplyPrint - via the live-chat in the bottom right corner of this page, or via our contact page

2. The "Wi-Fi" icon for the setup does not show for my printer

In this case, you probably have a Bambu Lab printer, or another printer that has custom networking setup in OrcaSlicer.
Please scroll up and refer to the "For Bambu Lab printers" section to fix this.

3. The "Device" tab doesn't show the SimplyPrint panel

In this case, if the Device tab shows either a rather blank page with an image, saying "Printer Connection" or it shows another Device tab, like the Bambu Lab Device view, Mainsail, Fluidd or OctoPrint, the SimplyPrint Print Host is not set up yet. Please scroll up and refer to the setup section.

Disabling the SimplyPrint integration in OrcaSlicer ("uninstalling")

To remove SimplyPrint as your Print Host in OrcaSlicer for a given printer profile, all you've got to do is pick another Print Host in the Print Host upload settings, like "Octo/Klipper", where you can simply leave all fields empty (this is the default settings), or simply click "Log out" on the SimplyPrint Print Host type.


1. Can I have multiple Print Hosts set up at the same time? SimplyPrint and (example), Mainsail?

Sadly not, no. OrcaSlicer only lets you pick one print host method, so you've gotta pick!

2. What info is shared with the SimplyPrint servers? Is anything sent if the integration is not active?

Don't worry - nothing but your sliced file, when you specifically choose to send it to SimplyPrint, is shared with SimplyPrint.

For this integration, we worked with one of the top OrcaSlicer contributors, "Noisyfox", who ensured it was integrated nicely into the OrcaSlicer codebase, being minimally invasive and of course only being active and pinging our servers, if you enable the integration and choose to send a file to SimplyPrint, or use the "Device" tab.

No telemetry data is shared with SimplyPrint.

OrcaSlicer is open source, and therefore you can see for yourself, if you have the technical know-how - but rest assured, the OrcaSlicer team would not have approved the integration if it didn't 100% respect your privacy. You can check out the "Pull Request" which added the SimplyPrint integration code to OrcaSlicer, here;

Updated on: 12/07/2024

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