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What is an OctoPrint plugin?

Plugins for OctoPrint can make a world of difference. It can enhance existing features or create brand new ones. A plugin is a piece of software that builds on top of something already existing. As an example, SimplyPrint uses a plugin for OctoPrint which improves the time estimate from the built-in estimate in OctoPrint.

There are a lot of different plugins that can do all sorts of things, from giving you a mesh bed visualizer to just changing the theme of the OctoPrint window. Anyone can make plugins and send them to people but if you want it in the hands of as many people as possible you can get it approved by the team behind OctoPrint. They make sure there is nothing harmful in the plugin and then make it accessible to everyone directly through the plugin manager.

Plugins SimplyPrint uses

The plugins that SimplyPrint uses to optimize the user experience are not developed by SimplyPrint but are approved by the OctoPrint team. This should mean that you can download and use the plugins we recommend without encountering any problems or issues. At the same time, SimplyPrint is in close contact with the developers of the used plugins and helps them make their plugins even better.

When you install SimplyPrint on your raspberry pi, it will automatically install “Print time genius” as well. This plugin reads your Gcode file and provides an estimate of how long your print will take. This feature is already built into OctoPrint but is unfortunately not very good. If this plugin is not installed, the estimated print time will be 4-5 times longer than what it is actually going to take. This does not mean that your print is going to take longer than usual, it is just pretty pessimistic about the estimate.

Additional SimplyPrint integrated plugins

SimplyPrint also uses other plugins to perform tasks that help the user. These include: PSU control and Bed Visualizer but will only be installed after the user has agreed to a popup asking if it can be installed. SimplyPrint does not force anyone to install the recommended plugins and the platform works just fine without them. However, there will be features that are not available such as the Bed Mesh Visualizer and power management.

SimplyPrint points out that the user takes responsibility for the use of the plugins that are installed and that all conditions for licensing the individual plugins apply. Should problems arise with a plugin, you can write to SimplyPrint at or find us in the live chat on the website. However, we can not guarantee that we can solve the problem but we can pass it on to the developer.

Updated on: 01/08/2021

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