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How to uninstall SimplyPrint?

This process is very easy and quick to do but should something go wrong, don't hesitate to ask for help in the livechat.

Removing SimplyPrint from OctoPrint

This will remove SimplyPrint completely from the Raspberry Pi and will leave OctoPrint perfectly usable on its own.

Go to OctoPrint either via the SimplyPrint panel or by typing in your OctoPrint IP address.
Click the wrench in the top bar
Find "plugin manager" in the list on the left
Scroll down till you find "SimplyPrint cloud"
Click the trashcan on the right side
Restart your Pi when it is done uninstalling by clicking "reboot" in the yellow box all the way to the right

Going back to SD cards

The easiest way to wipe SimplyPrint and everything it comes with from the SD card is to put the SD card into you computer and formatting the card. That will reset everything on the card.

Updated on: 01/08/2021

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