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Set up a Webcam or PiCam for OctoPrint & SimplyPrint

Setting up a Webcam or PiCam for OctoPrint and SimplyPrint

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a webcam or PiCam for OctoPrint and SimplyPrint. We will cover the recommended cameras to choose from and how to set them up with your OctoPrint system.

Here's a list of our recommended cameras for use with OctoPrint and SimplyPrint - but keep in mind there are hundreds of cameras that probably work just as well:

Olidik 2K
Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000
Logitech C270
Logitech C920 Pro
Raspberry Pi Cameras

For additional camera options that are known to work with OctoPrint, please refer to this OctoPrint community article.

Setting up your Camera

Follow the steps below to set up your webcam or PiCam with OctoPrint and SimplyPrint:

Step 1: Connect your camera

Connect your webcam or PiCam to your Raspberry Pi using a USB cable or appropriate connector.

After the cameras has been connected, you might need to restart your Raspberry Pi / device that you're running OctoPrint on, for the camera to be picked up.

And that's pretty much it! In 9.9/10 cases, your camera should now be working! If not, keep reading...

Step 2 (optional): Configure OctoPrint

In your OctoPrint web interface, navigate to Settings > Webcam & Timelapse, and make sure that the "Snapshot URL" is filled out - if not, the value should be something like; http://{ip of the device}:8080/?action=snapshot

Still having issues? Follow our webcam troubleshooting guide; My camera doesn't work for OctoPrint / SimplyPrint

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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