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What is the SimplyPrint slicer?

In this article, we will explain the basics of the SimplyPrint slicer!

The basics: a client-based, privacy-minded, "portable" slicer

Our slicer is a so-called "Web, client-based slicer" - this means the slicer runs on your computer, in your browser, and all the slicing magic happens on your own computer.
This means, that our slicer can run on any device - since it simply runs in a web-browser - and that we can easily provide it for free for all our users, as we don't do the slicing on our servers for you.
So, our slicer is the opposite of "cloud-slicing" - yes, SimplyPrint is a Cloud-based platform, but the slicer is local, client-based, privacy-minded and free from the restraints of cloud-slicing!

A different take on a 3D printer slicer; an ecosystem

As SimplyPrint knows every detail about your 3D printer and the assigned material, we combine this with your slicing profile, to help make sure you don't have to change settings too often!

So, with the SimplyPrint slicer, you can easily have 1 slicing profile for multiple printers, as we change the printer- and material-specific details for you automatically!

How a web-based slicer is different from an installable one (limitations)

The main difference between a slicer that runs in your browser, and thereby on any device, vs. a slicer that you install on a computer, is that often times your computer does not allocate a lot of resources to the browser, and therefore the slicing on the web might be a bit slower than what you're used to.
It's also possible that older computers, that do not have a lot of memory, will fail to slice very large and complex models.

Open-source powered

The SimplyPrint Slicer is based on the open source project Kiri:Moto by Stewart Allen, who has worked on the project for many years. Our version provides a new interface, a lot of added functionality and simplicity.

Updated on: 22/05/2023

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