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How to enable pop-ups for the SimplyPrint Hub

The SimplyPrint Hub relies on a pop-up window to sign you in to your account. Some browsers and browser extensions / plugins may block this, resulting in the pop-ups not showing up.
This article will help you re-enable pop-ups for the SimplyPrint website.

1. Check for extensions / plugins

One of the most common reasons for SimplyPrint pop-ups being blocked, are "Anti-popup" and "Ad Blocker" browser extensions or plugins. Check if you have any such extensions for your browser, and if you do, you can either click on the extension icon and press "Allow for this website" or disable / uninstall the extension.

2. Enable it in your browser settings

Click on the link for the browser you use, to learn how to enable pop-ups;
Google Chrome guide
Firefox guide
Safari guide

If the browser you use is not on the list, you may Google "{name of browser} how to enable popups", or send us a message in our livechat for further help.

Updated on: 26/03/2023

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