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What does "Unsupported version" mean?

Wondering why there's a warning on your printer, saying "Unsupported version"? This article explains why, and how to fix it.

What is it?

The warning means that the SimplyPrint software that runs on the Raspberry Pi (or whichever device used), is too old and no longer supported.
This might also be the case for fairly recent updates of SimplyPrint, if a big new update is released, that requires some new SimplyPrint software for your printer(s).

How to fix it?

It's super simple; just update.
All you need to do, is update the SimplyPrint software, by updating the SimplyPrint plugin if you're using OctoPrint, or by updating Moonraker when using Klipper.
You should be presented with an "Update" button within the SimplyPrint panel, that automatically updates all your printers!

If you do not see the update button, or the update button doesn't work, go to OctoPrint or your Klipper UI and update directly from there.

If it still doesn't work; contact SimplyPrint - we'll help you in no time via our live chat or Discord server.

If everything fails, reinstall the latest SimplyPrint OctoPrint plugin via OctoPrint - remember to "Clear" the data as well. Your printer will enter "Setup mode" after this - simply re-assign it to your printer.

Having issues?

You can always contact us via the live chat in the bottom right corner or at our email;

Updated on: 08/03/2024

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