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Printer in setup isn't detected / can't find setup code

In this guide, we'll dig into what to do when the SimplyPrint setup guide doesn't detect your device while setting up SimplyPrint, or if you can't find the 4-letter setup code.

Remember to give your Pi / device a couple of minutes! When the device boots for the first time, it may take some time. Be patient for the first couple of minutes, and it'll most likely show up.

This guide is only for OctoPrint / Mainsail / Fluidd / Moonraker / Bambu Lab setups - not the Direct Prusa setup

First things first; is SimplyPrint installed and enabled?

Often times, the issue is as simple as SimplyPrint maybe not being installed or enabled.

Make sure you have gone through our setup guide, and maybe repeat the steps to see if you missed something
For OctoPrint setups; go to Settings > Plugin Manager and ensure the SimplyPrint plugin is both installed and enabled. If its' grayed out, it's disabled
For OctoPrint setups; make sure OctoPrint isn't in "Safe mode". If a popup says "Safe mode", just restart OctoPrint to get it back in non-safe mode


Make sure you're on the same network

SimplyPrint can only auto-detect your printer if your computer / device you're detecting from, is on the same WiFi / network as the Pi / device running SimplyPrint. So ensure you are indeed on the same network.

Ensure your Pi is powered and connected

Double-check that your Raspberry Pi (or whichever device is running SimplyPrint), is connected to the internet and has been powered on for at least 5 minutes. For older devices, the first boot of the device can take a long time, so just have a little patience with it.

Finding the setup code

If auto-detect doesn't work, a unique setup code given to your device can help you set it up.

If you have access to the local web-interface already (OctoPrint, Mainsail, Fluidd)

If you have the web-interface of either OctoPrint, Mainsail or Fluidd, the setup code should be easy to grab!

For OctoPrint; check the navigation bar in the top of the page and find the SimplyPrint logo. Here, there should also be a 4-letter setup code - this is the one!
For Mainsail and Fluidd; in the little bell-icon, top right in the navigation bar, there should be a message from SimplyPrint containing the setup code

If you can't find the setup code within the web-interface as mentioned, SimplyPrint is most likely not installed correctly - try and repeat the setup.

If you don't have access to the local web-interface of OctoPrint, Mainsail or Fluidd

For this to work, you must be on the same network as the Pi / device you're trying to connect to!
Windows users might need to install "Bonjour" to access the device locally. Download here;

Using the local IP hostname (easy way)

Most computers nowadays support using the "hostname" of a device, to access it via a web browser. So, let's try and reach the web UI!

If you have changed the hostname manually; if you've recently flashed OctoPrint, Mainsail or Fluidd onto an SD card, you might have had the option to change the hostname before flashing. If you've done this, go to; http://[THE_HOSTNAME_YOU_CHOSE].local (replace [THE_HOSTNAME_YOU_CHOSE] with the hostname you chose - do not include the brackets [ ])

For OctoPrint; try and go to http://octopi.local
For Mainsail; try and go to http://mainsail.local
For Fluidd; try and go to http://fluiddpi.local

If this didn't work, try and go to the next step

Finding the local IP address of your Pi / device

If you can't access your device by its hostname, chances are it's not online on the same network, or that something is wrong. But, it's also possible that, for a number of possible reasons, it just wants you to use its actual local IP address. So let's try and find that!

Using a network scanner;
One way to find the IP of your device, is by using a network scanner. We recommend using Angry IP Scanner, but fing is also an option.
Use one of these scanners, scan your network and see if the device pops ups

Accessing your router's control panel;
Another way to find local IPs on your network, is by going to the control panel of your router. This most often requires you to have an admin username and password.
It varies from router to router where this control panel page is found, so please Google the make and model of your router to check, or consult your internet provider.

Plugging in a monitor and a keyboard (Raspberry Pi's);
When using a Raspberry Pi, you can plug in a keyboard and a monitor, and on the start-screen it will most often tell you the local IP address if there is one.

A more detailed description digging in to finding the local IP address can be found on the OctoPrint forums here;

When you have found the IP address, open it up in your browser like this; http://[ip-address-here], like (example); This should then load your OctoPrint, Fluidd or Mainsail dashboard. Now, go to back up to the "Finding the setup code" part, to continue.

Still having trouble? Open up the chat and we'll help you!

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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