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How to tell if a 3D printer is compatible with SimplyPrint, OctoPrint, Mainsail or Fluidd

How do you know if your 3D printer, or a 3D printer you're thinking about buying, supports SimplyPrint, OctoPrint, Mainsail and/or Fluidd? It's a good question, and it's one often not specifically answered by the printer manufacturer on their website, and as there are many hundreds of different 3D printer manufacturers and models out there, you might not always be able to get confirmation from other users online that easily either!

So, if your printer is not found on the SimplyPrint compatibility list - our extensive list of over 370+ printers that either work (or is confirmed not to work with SimplyPrint, OctoPrint, Mainsail and Fluidd), we'll give you some tips on how you can know if your 3D printer can run the most popular 3D printing platforms!

If your printer is not found on the compatibility list, fear not! Keeping the compatibility list fully up-to-date can be difficult, and some printers - especially less popular ones - might not be added straight away, as we rely on users to request and test them before we add them - so read this guide to help you determine if you have a compatible printer!

Make sure to check the SimplyPrint compatibility list as a first step!

Which printers are prone to support SimplyPrint, OctoPrint, Mainsail or Fluidd?

If a printer works for OctoPrint, Mainsail or Fluidd, it'll always work with SimplyPrint too, but not necessarily the other way around, as SimplyPrint has a few custom printer integrations

We have made a checklist, and if you can cross off these items, you're off to a good start!

Does it have a USB input? (a hole where you can plug in a USB cable; USB A, micro, C, nano, etc.)
Is the printer running Marlin or Klipper firmware?

Determining if your 3D printer works with SimplyPrint, OctoPrint, Mainsail or Fluidd

Step 1: Google it

Annoying tip, we know! But often the best one we can give you!
Try and google "[name of your printer] OctoPrint", and see if anyone else online has mentioned that they've either got it working, or confirmed that it's not possible.

Step 2: Check the OctoPrint compatibility list

on the OctoPrint forum, there's a limited list of 3D printers known to either work, or not work, with OctoPrint;
This list is not updated very often, but if your printer is on the list, it's an easy way to get closure!

Step 3: Try it out

If you've made it this far, and you see a USB input on your printer, it's likely to work! Carefully try and plug in a USB cable that is attached from Pi to printer, and check if it's detected by OctoPrint - or if you're running the Klipper firmware; Marlin or Fluidd.

Which printers are known not to be compatible?

There are a few 3D printers out there that we sadly know for sure won't work with your favorite 3D printing platforms.

Makerbot Gen 5
Afinia H series
Ultimaker 3 and up and Ultimaker 2+ Conenct
Tinkerine printers

Printers that are compatible with SimplyPrint, but not OctoPrint, Mainsail or Fluidd

At SimplyPrint, we do fully custom integrations for some printers, meaning they will work for the SimplyPrint platform, but not OctoPrint, Mainsail or Fluidd.

These printers include;

Bambu Lab printers
The Industry printers (the "Magnum" model)

Updated on: 26/06/2023

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