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What is required to set up SimplyPrint?

SimplyPrint needs to run on something a little more powerful, and smarter, than your 3D printer mainboard - sadly. 3D printers don't yet have enough processing power to handle anything more complex than it's already doing, and most printers don't have any sort of wireless connectivity options, so SimplyPrint needs to run on a computer. Luckily, a tiny computer called a Raspberry Pi is perfect for this!

What do I need?

SimplyPrint is made to run on a Raspberry Pi, which is a tiny computer. We recommend using a Raspberry Pi 4B, 2GB ram version. You'll need;

The Raspberry Pi (4B)
An official Raspberry Pi power supply (others are known to fail)
A micro SD card, either 8 or 16 GB of storage
A cable that can connect your Pi and your printer (often included with your printer)

Read more on choosing the right Raspberry Pi or where to get one here; Pick the right Raspberry Pi for running SimplyPrint / OctoPrint and more on finding the right cable here; Which cable to use for SimplyPrint / OctoPrint.

This following section is for the advanced folks, if you just want a plug 'n' play solution, go with a Raspberry Pi.

Can SimplyPrint run on something other than a Raspberry Pi?

If you wanna get a bit more technical and play around with other options than Raspberry Pi's, it's entirely possible to run SimplyPrint on many other devices.
SimplyPrint runs as a plugin to the software called OctoPrint, and OctoPrint only natively supports running on Raspberry Pi's, but can be "hacked" to run on Windows computers, other Linux systems and even Android phones!

If you're techy' enough, and willing to spend a few hours on this, you can run SimplyPrint on most computers. Follow the links above and Google the rest, we have faith in you! 😉

Updated on: 31/07/2021

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