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Upgrade from ancient version of SimplyPrint

If your printer is on a version of the SimplyPrint Raspberry Pi software that is older than version 1.9.9 (from 2020-06-30), it's possible that it won't be possible to update it to the newest version, via the SimplyPrint panel. If, when you click the "Update" button via the panel, the printer doesn't update, we'll show you how to manually update to the latest software. This is only required once, if you haven't kept your printer's SimplyPrint software up to date for a while.

None of these solutions will result in any progress being lost on SimplyPrint.

The easy way (~5-10 minutes);

Re-flash your Pi with the latest SimplyPrint image (installation file for the Pi's SD card). This will remove all OctoPrint plugins and reset OctoPrint completely, but it's the fastest way. In the SimplyPrint web panel, click "Add printer" in the sidebar and choose "Set up from scratch" - this will guide you through the (very easy) setup.

The hard way - no re-flashing (~15-20 minutes);

If you are not up for on starting over on your Raspberry Pi, and need to reinstall all OctoPrint plugins, etc., this is completely understandable - however, this means that updating SimplyPrint is a bit more complicated.

This will put your Raspberry Pi back in SimplyPrint's "setup mode", where it is not yet assigned to a printer. When done, simply assign the new one - the instructions will appear inside OctoPrint, and just click "Add Printer" in the sidebar of the SimplyPrint panel.

Open a SSH connection tool (the software called " PuTTY " for Windows, and "Terminal" for Mac)
Connect to the IP for your Raspberry Pi (the OctoPrint IP address, often begins with 92.168.0). Write the IP (without "http://" in front or "/" after the IP-address), the port should already be "22", and now just click "Open"

in here you can't control anything with your mouse, just keyboard
The username which it asks for first, is "pi" (unless you have changed it yourself), write it and click "enter"
When it asks you for the password, write "raspberry" (unless you have changed it yourself) - don't let it confuse you that what you write doesn't show, this is just a safety-measure
When it's written, click "enter"

you can copy-paste by copying from this guide, and inserting it into the terminal by simply right-clicking inside the terminal, "CTRL + V" doesn't work in here
When you're in, and it says "welcome", write the line; sudo python SimplyPrint/ - even if it says the file doesn't exist, it's good
and click "enter". If it asks you for the password, just re-type the password from before, and press enter
If it asks you to write "Y / n", write "Y" and click enter
When done, write; sudo crontab -e
Here it will probably ask you for a number between 1-3, press the number with the text "nano" outside it, and click enter
If the content of the terminal is now empty, just click CTRL + X on your keyboard, if not, follow the sub-points;
Is the file not empty? Unless you are familiare with "crontab", and put something in here yourself, you'll want to completely empty it. Remember that you can't use your mouse to select the text here, so navigate with your keyboard and press DELETE or backspace to remove the lines
When all lines are removed, click CTRL + X, after this press Y and then enter
Now write the following; sudo /home/pi/oprint/bin/pip uninstall SimplyPrint
Write the following lines, and click enter after each;
source ~/oprint/bin/activate
sudo rm -rf ~/oprint/lib/python2.7/site-packages/~ctoprint_simplyprint/
sudo rm -rf ~/oprint/lib/python2.7/site-packages/SimplyPrint-3.0.0.dist-info
sudo rm -rf ~/oprint/lib/python2.7/site-packages/octoprint_simplyprint
sudo rm -rf ~/oprint/lib/python2.7/site-packages/'~implyPrint-1.6.6.dist-info'

At last, write; ~/oprint/bin/pip install --upgrade --no-cache-dir --no-deps --force-reinstall
Click "enter"
Write; sudo service octoprint restart

Now, in SimplyPrint, click "Add printer" in the side panel, and add the Raspberry Pi that is now in setup mode (in OctoPrint, it will show a setup code)

The old SimplyPrint should now be removed, and the new installed! If the OctoPrint plugin doesn't show in OctoPrint after this, go to the OctoPrint plugin manager, search "SimplyPrint Cloud" and install it like that.

If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to contact us at or via our live chat :)

Updated on: 02/08/2021

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