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How we invoice

This article explains how SimplyPrint calculates pricing, and how we invoice your account if you're on a paid subscription.

How we charge

We charge your credit card or wallet, using our payment processing partner Stripe, who handles the transaction.
SimplyPrint is never in possession of your credit card or wallet details.

Charged currency & conversions

As our company is based in Denmark, we always charge in the Danish currency DKK. If your account currency is USD or something else other than DKK, we live-convert your chosen currency every hour, based on the latest currency conversion numbers from the Danish National Bank.

This means, that if your subscription costs $9.99 (USD), even though we charge in the DKK currency, we make sure to always charge $9.99, converted to DKK (the exchange rate might be up to a few hours old at the time of the charge).

VAT / tax exemptions

By default, 25% of the invoice is VAT / tax - as this is the tax rate for companies in Denmark, where SimplyPrint is located.
You can, however, get the VAT removed from the invoice if your account is a business account. When entering your address upon sign up to a SimplyPrint subscription, or by going to your subscription settings inside SimplyPrint, check the "Is a business / organisation account", where you can then enter a VAT number / tax ID, company name and optional EAN / GLN number.

Getting tax removed from the invoice;
EU businesses: for the tax to be removed from invoices to businesses within the European Union, your company must be VAT registered and have a valid VAT number.
The VAT number is validated using the EU "VIES" service, to check if your VAT number is eligible for a VAT-free invoice, with "Reverse charge" applied to the invoice.

How discounts are applied

Yearly payments
When choosing yearly payments, you get a fixed discount of 10% for the entire year for the chosen subscription plan, as well as any selected add-ons such as extra printers.
This discount is always applied before any other discounts, and the price of the product on your invoice is changed to be price * 0.9 - this means it won't show as a discount on the invoice, but the 10% is subtracted from the full price.

Applied discounts & coupon codes
Upon starting your subscription, you have the ability to enter a discount code. If you have a valid code, the discount will be applied to your purchase.
If you're paying yearly, the coupon discount will be applied after the yearly discount. The discount code might only be for a couple of months and not a whole year - in this case, the discount is applied to the first X months, and not the entire year - this means the invoice might not show, for example, 40% discount if you entered a 40% discount code, but rest assured that 40% has been taken off the duration of discount.

Account credit
If your account has credit, any available credit will be used on your next invoice. The account credit is subtracted from the total, after all discounts are applied. If the account credit exceeds the total of the invoice, the invoice will be at 0.00 as it can't go into negative numbers.

Updated on: 27/01/2023

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