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Enabling PSU control; power supply via GPIO, GCODE etc. in SimplyPrint

This can currently only be done via our web-platform, and is not available via our mobile app - the PSU control however can be controlled via the app once enabled

In this article, we'll show you how to enable so-called "PSU control" support in SimplyPrint, which lets you turn your printer on/off, directly via the SimplyPrint panel and app.
This functionality can be enabled in unison with OctoPrint- or Moonraker(for Mainsail & Fluidd)-powered devices.

How does it work?

Turning your printer's power supply may be done to get rid of annoying constantly-running-fan noises, to turn the printer screen off, to save power, or simply for ease of mind - but no matter what reason, there are a bunch of different ways to achieve this!

You may use a simple little relay, plugged into your Raspberry Pi and printer power supply, use a little component specifically designed for turning 3D printers on/off, smart plugs, HomeAssistant, MQTT & more! There are a bunch of ways to achieve this, and almost no matter what you choose, this can be integrated with SimplyPrint.

When does it turn the printer on and off, and can I control it manually?

Depending on your setup, usually the printer will automatically turn on when starting a print, heating up or moving (generally when it receives a Gcode command, unless it's in a list of [Gcode commands that shouldn't turn on printer]) - and often times, this can be tuned exactly to your liking.

Inside the SimplyPrint panel, once enabled, you'll find a "PSU on/off" toggle in both the web panel and the app that lets you turn the PSU on/off manually, as well as always being able to see whether it's currently on or off.

Enabling support for your printer; OctoPrint & Mainsail, Fluidd/Moonraker setups

OctoPrint-powered setup

For OctoPrint-powered instances, installing the PSU Control OctoPrint plugin enables you to control your power supply, smart-plug & more.
This requires the PSU Control OctoPrint plugin, which can be installed via the SimplyPrint panel in the next step, or directly via the OctoPrint plugin manager.

The PSU Control OctoPrint plugin supports control of a variety of power supplies, smart-plugs and other devices, such as using the GPIO pins of a Raspberry Pi, TPLink, Tasmota, Tenda Beli, Wemo, HomeAssistant, Shelly, MQTT, Meross, Tapo, FRITZ!Box, Jeedom, ESPurna & more - read more here;

Klipper with Mainsail or Fluidd (Moonraker-powered devices)

For Moonraker-powered devices (your device is Moonraker-powered when using Mainsail or Fluidd), you can enable PSU support via the [power] setting in the Moonraker settings file.

More on how to do that here;, and here for Mainsail-specific "Printer power";

Enabling the PSU setting for your printer

Locate your printer settings for the given printer
Go to the "Modifications" tab
Click "Power controller (PSU)"
Enable the "Has Power Controller / PSU" option by ticking the checkbox
If you're using the OctoPrint setup, you can install the PSU Control OctoPrint plugin here if you haven't already
Make sure to save the printer settings (scroll down and click "Save settings" in the bottom right of the popup)

And that's it! Hope this guide was helpful.

Please be aware that we, in the SimplyPrint support cannot help with hardware-specific and printer-modification-related questions such as this, but if you have issues on the SimplyPrint side, do let us know!

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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