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Lost 2 factor authentication app

Have you lost your 2-factor authentication app? Fear not, there are two ways to regain control of your SimplyPrint account

1. Use your backup recovery codes

When you first set up 2-factor authentication for your SimplyPrint account, you were asked to download a text-file containing a bunch of weird characters - if you downloaded and kept this file, it's the way in to your account.

Go to the SimplyPrint login page (, log in using your email and password, and when asked for your 2-factor code, click the text saying "Enter one of your recovery codes" instead

Now it will ask you for a 21-digit code - pick one from the recovery file, verify it and if it's a correct code, you'll now be in!
When you're in, it's important that you disable 2-factor authentication for your account; the recovery code will not do this, it will just gain you temporary access to your account. So navigate to your account settings, click "Disable Two-Factor authentication", enter your password and it will now be disabled!

You can now enable it again if you wish to.

2. Got no backup recovery codes?

If you have lost your app and your recovery codes, you won't be able to access your account without the help of SimplyPrint support.
We take the responsibility of account security very seriously, so like many other sites where you can enable 2-factor authentication; if you lose it and need to regain access, we will need to see some ID to make sure we don't just let a stranger into your account - it's not enough that the email is coming from your email account.

Send us an email with the following content;
A picture of your passport, social security card, drivers license or other government-issued identification with your name on it
The picture must not be a screenshot or a picture of a picture
Send the email from the email account you use for SimplyPrint, send it to

We strive to respond within 24 hours.

While you're unable to access your account, you can always print via. SD card or OctoPrint.

Updated on: 31/07/2021

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