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Finding the printer settings

This can currently only be done via our web-platform, and is not available via our mobile app

Finding the settings

To find the settings for a printer in SimplyPrint, you must simply go to the printer in the SimplyPrint panel _(if you have multiple printers, click on the one you wish to edit).
When you've located the printer, simply do the following;

Find the settings button in the top right side
Click it to go to the settings

Note that if you're a member of an organization in SimplyPrint, you may not have permission to edit printer settings, so if you don't see the settings button, this might be why. Please contact an administrator of your organization in this case.

Overview of the different settings

Inside the printer settings, you'll find up to 4 different tabs;

Here you can edit general settings such as the printer name, nozzle size, change the printer icon and define print cost settings specifically for this printer

The advanced printer settings will let you modify details such as max print size, bed type, max temperatures and more advanced things that are usually defined by your printer model, and pre-set by SimplyPrint based on the details from our compatibility list.
Tread carefully in here!

In the "Modifications" settings tab, you may change your webcam settings, Auto Bed Leveling settings and filament sensor & PSU settings.

OctoPrint plugins
This one may not be visible for you, in case you don't use the OctoPrint-powered setup.
In this tab, you can see an overview of all your OctoPrint plugins, with the ability to uninstall a plugin if you wish.

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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