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How to delete a printer

This can currently only be done via our web-platform, and is not available via our mobile app

To delete a printer in SimplyPrint, you must simply go to the printer in the SimplyPrint panel _(if you have multiple printers, click on the one you wish to delete).

When you've located the printer, simply do the following;

Find the dropdown in the top right side, to the right of the settings button
Click on it, and click the bottom "Delete printer" option

Note that if you're a member of an organization in SimplyPrint, you may not have permission to delete printers, so if you don't see the delete button, this might be why. Please contact an administrator of your organization in this case.

Next, you'll be asked whether you want to;

Permanently delete the printer
Or just remove the Pi connection

Deleting a printer removes its attachment to all its data; print jobs, filament, files, slicer settings, while removing just the Pi / device connection of a printer, keeps the digital identity of your printer, but allows you to assign a new Pi / device to the printer at any time.

If you still have your printer, and plan on using it with SimplyPrint again at some point, the best option is to just remove the Pi / device connection

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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