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Subscription terminated after consecutive failed renewal attempts

When SimplyPrint fails to charge your credit card / preferred payment method for 5 consecutive days after your subscription renewal date, your account will be closed.
In this article, we'll dig into exactly what that means, and how you can prevent your account from being closed.

Why is my account facing subscription termination?

If you get an email or popup in SimplyPrint, saying your account is facing a subscription termination, this is due to us being unable to charge you for your subscription.

The most common reasons for this being;
Expired credit card (bank denies the transaction)
Insufficient funds on the credit card (bank denies the transaction)
Invalid credit card details

You can call your bank for more details on why the transaction may not have gone through, or contact us at SimplyPrint to hear more about the error we received from our payment processor and your bank.

We recommend checking your subscription settings ( if you have a valid non-expired credit card attached to your account, and to ensure your credit card has sufficient funds to keep your account afloat.

How long do I have to fix the issue, after the first failed payment attempt?

We will try to charge your payment method for the subscription cost of your SimplyPrint account for 5 days, once every day at 00:00 (midnight) Danish time.
If, by the fifth day, we're still not able to receive a payment from you, your account will be terminated.

On the first day of the failed charging attempt, you'll receive an email, warning you about the potential account closure, as well as on the last day.
In the SimplyPrint panel, you'll see an icon in the top bar, warning you of the pending termination, as well as a daily popup.

What exactly happens when my account/subscription is terminated?

Upon failed subscription renewal, without the user having purposefully and manually chosen to downgrade or terminate their SimplyPrint subscription plan, we will do the following to your account, automatically, after the 5-day grace period and email warnings mentioned earlier;
Your account will be downgraded to the Free plan
This will mean you'll only be able to have 2 printers, meaning we'll delete all your printers except for 2
If your account uses more storage space than the Free plan offers, 7 days after your account downgrade, we'll start deleting your files one by one, until you're no longer using too much space
You will lose access to all paid features, such as the print queue, but your files will remain in the print queue for 14 days. After 14 days, we'll permanently delete all your print queue items.
If there are multiple users associated with your account, only the account owner will be able to use the account, and all other users will no longer have access to your account. If these users have any uploaded files, they will all be deleted permanently, as the user doesn't have a subscription plan of their own, and thereby has 0 bytes of available storage space

I am unable to pay right now; can I get an extension?

If there's a good reason for your payment method not being chargeable, such as a stolen credit card or bank trouble, reach out to us and we may be able to offer you an extension.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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