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Changing webcam settings in SimplyPrint (flip and rotate webcam)

This can currently only be done via our web-platform, and is not available via our mobile app - these settings, however, once applied, will also affect the webcam view in the app

In this article, we'll show a quick overview of the different settings you have for your webcam view inside the SimplyPrint platform.
When using the OctoPrint setup, these settings are also synced to OctoPrint.

Finding the webcam settings

Locate the printer settings
Go to "Modifications"
Click "Webcam"

About the webcam settings

The webcam settings include;

"Does this printer have a camera"?
This is usually automatically detected by SimplyPrint. If this is not the case with your printer, please refer to our
My camera doesn't work for OctoPrint / SimplyPrint article.

Flip webcam horizontally
Flip webcam vertically
Rotate the webcam 90 degrees counterclockwise

These settings should allow you to position your camera view just right for you!

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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